What is it?

Delta City '95 is an update CD for Windows 95. It contains all the released updates that have not been released as a "product", wrapped into one package. The products and optional components, along with the third party essentials and drivers, are all included.

Extracting Delta City '95 setup

What it does?

To upgrade your Windows 95 installation using Delta City, just follow instructions in README.TXT file. You need to run a few installers, including the DELTACTY.EXE to update OSR2 to OSR2.5+ - after that your Windows installation will become the most upgraded version possible.

Patching Win95 in progress..

Internet Explorer 5.50 by stare.pro

Delta City includes Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.50 Service Pack 2 Full - with all possible components, including ones not available in official version, such as Personal Web Server.

IE components selection

Optional components

Take a look at "Optional Components" section in the README.txt file for the most updated list.

Disc contents

Necessary applications & common drivers

Delta City comes with a bunch of software that you will most probably require in your Windows 95 installation, such as:

There are also the most common drivers, you will probably need:


v0.60 15/07/2018
v0.50 15/07/2018

First public release

File: DLTCTYCD.ISO | Size: 721MB | Host: shell.stare.pro